Thursday, February 01, 2007

Developing Expert Voices

Daren has done it again. He has started to think outside the box and mashup some of his greates hits. In his latest,
A Difference: Developing Expert Voices

he will in his class...

I will make a list of topics and post it on a side white board in the class. The topics will cover the breadth of the course content students are responsible for. Working together in groups of 2 to 4 (no solos), students will be required to develop a project and publish it online in any format they like. I'll need to develop some sort of rubric for this but essentially, they will have to demonstrate their expertise in the topic and demonstrate it in a format that educates an interested learner.

I was thinking about starting another project that would wrap up after spring break. This is going to be the perfect opportunity to start to mash up one of my growing posts. Make it even better than before.

I always wanted to make a lasting time capsule to the Grade 8 math curriculum in this province. With these I just might be able to get the job done. Can you imagine the possibilities. I will once again point the students towards studentblogwikitools and let their creative juices flow.

I would love to see the project show work of students of all ages and show the continuum that is the learning process. What they learn in grade 6 is continued in grade 8 and into grades 10,11,12. Each student creating a unique project that shows their expertice in learning at their grade level.

Knowing Darren this is going to be an excellent project. Want to join in.... read his post and start to think on how you can harness your "."

Stay tuned for further updates...

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