Thursday, February 01, 2007

One Great School

I am lucky. I love my job. I teach grade 8 math at the best school in the city. Did I day that I love my job!!

Imagine this if you will,
  • I live close to home but not too close.
  • My room is a double classroom with an (archaic) but functional computer lab for 30 students.
  • I have the 2 best administrators in the city.
  • Everyone on staff and I mean everyone helps each other and works for the betterment of the school, staff and students.
As I say I have a dream j0b. I am lucky enough to coach basketball. It takes up a lot of time but it is fun and I like doing it. On the weekends (all the weekends between January and the end of March there are tournaments. Whether you are at the school or traveling to other games the staff is always there to help and support you.

I just had to write this post because I love my job. I love my school.

Sorry if I sound so happy.

If you want a negative point... It is -40 with the windchill outside!

I love my winters (OK not when they are this cold!!)

Thanks for reading.

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CherylOakes said...

Hey Chris,
You are so lucky and brave to write about your favorite job. I too love my job, the challenges, the problems- yet to be solved, the people I work with, the community and support for technology and the students!
In the middle of a blizzard in Maine, life is good.