Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Digital Portfolios Version 1

At my school the grade 8's have digital portfolios. These portfolios are used to share with parents for student led conferences. Our conferences are next week. My students this year did what they always do. Create a 5 question quiz for their parents. They will teach their parents the math and then have them do the questions.

In the past this has all be done in powerpoint. Yeah that was cool for a while but.................after learning how to wiki I sent the students to create a space at wikispaces. They will create the quiz on one page and have the answers on another. Their parents will have to do the quiz and type it into the wiki.

My students wanted to embed some bubbleshare files into their wiki. Wikispaces was not allowing it to be done through thier embeded tool on the tool bar. I emailed them and they quickly told me a simple fix.

The first needs to changed to a
when you cut and paste the code into the embeded tool. the last /span> needs to be changed to /div>.

So far everything has been going great. The wiki has been a success and my old computer lab in the back of my room has been able to chug a lug it out. The best part of using wiki's is that I am not tied into finding computer time in the library lab. The students can do it from home and I am finding the quality of the top end beyond expectations.
At the end of the conference I will show the kids how to take their powerpoint presentation and post it to the web using slideshare or another tool found at studentblogwikitools.

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