Sunday, February 04, 2007

Why 2.0 is so important.

Sometimes procrastination is a good thing. As I was in the middle of creating some assessment pieces for my students (aka tests) I started to procrastinate.

Procrastination normally means one thing .... Bloglines!

And what to my wandering eyes should appear but Cog Dog blog by Alan Levine. He always has such awesome ideas and ways to make education better. Here was his latest salvo into the 2.0 sphere. It is a 5 minute video showing the change in text from linear to digital. This is powerful stuff. I pair this video with any of Karl's to bring the house down.

The video comes from Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University, “a working group of Kansas State University students and faculty dedicated to exploring and extending the possibilities of digital ethnography.”

I just think that for a 5 minute video it is the perfect selling point to staff, administration and parents about the power of 2.0.

Thanks Alan for blogging about this video and thanks Kansas State for creating it.

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