Saturday, February 07, 2009

Communication is Amazing

I showed a movie in class last week. Mankind is no Island. It was created by Jason VanGenderen and won the NYC Tropfest Competition. This movie is so powerful because it was created on a cellphone. I loved showing it to the students because Jason used powerful music and images of words on street signs interwoven with action shots to talk about problems in NYC and Sydney. I went to show the video to one of my classes and saw that it had been made private. After a bit of searching and a frantic email to Jason he responded (almost immediately).

He had entered the movie into another competition and needed to make it private. The video will be made public again soon. He did offer to send me a copy of the video. He sent a link to a site and I was able to download a copy to my laptop. Not only was this video great... it was of higher quality when showing it on the smartboard.

I love it when people share. Thank you Jason for allowing me to use your wonderful film with my students.

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J.D. Williams said...

My class started to work on a project based on that video. We haven't done much with it yet, but feel free to have your students join us. We are taking pictures of words and uploading them to Flickr. Then we'll use the words to make stories and presentations. Like I said though, we haven't really had much time to work on it, but there are quite a few photos tagged on Flickr.