Monday, February 09, 2009

Go where the kids are!

If you need to get your message out go to where the people are. Most of my students are using facebook at one time of the night or another. I usually leave a few clues about my tests in comments at the blog. I always post in the chat room or leave a variety of comments at different posts. Today I took the clues into facebook. Lets see how their network spreads the news. I hope most of them find what I left for them.

It is interesting this facebook generation. I have students contacting me when they are not coming to school on facebook. Interesting because my email is all over the blog. It is the contact that I view as important. They will contact me in anyform and I am thankful that they do. I have great kids!!
I love experiments.


ETA said...

I am also enjoying positive contact with students over Facebook. I wonder sometimes if it is "fair" to gently remind them of homework while they are on FB but ... anything goes, I guess!

Uummannaq, Greenland

Mr. H said...

In my opinion all they have to do is look at the post I created. If they glance over it great. If the go look at the blog after the fb post even better. Nice to hear from you again.

ETA said...

I agree. When teaching English as a third language it is wholly inspiring to see Greenlandic kids reading and writing, chatting and commenting online. Facebook, and other similar sites, gives them that possibility.

Good to hear from you too! We must be getting closer to that collaboration! :) I'll send you an email soon if that's ok?