Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sargent Park Inquiry Continues

This will be a long rambling post about what has transpired so far in the wonderful 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Project so far this year.

It all started off with Paying it Forward. A chance for students to make a difference before and during their Christmas.

Since then many things have happened. I have discovered Google Forms. The students are using the forms to keep in contact with me and for accountability purposes. To keep the students on track they will fill in a new form every 2 weeks. It will give them a chance to make sure that they have completed all of the necessary work given to them on the timeline for completion.

The students also watched a video "Stolen Childhood" about child labour.

During the video they students were using DeBono's Thinking Hats to create rich questions that might be used in their inquiry project.

Following the movie the 70 students then went into the computer lab and added their questions to a Google Presentation I started that morning. All students were invited in to the presentation and they were able to add personal content to the presentation.

Next the students are creating the questions for their movie/presentation and starting to research each of the 4 questions they have made. The students will continue to use the timeline to stay on task and complete the project on time.

The other 70 students will be viewing the "Stolen Childhoods" movie on Monday. They will complete their own Google Presentation and I will embed it here when completed. I was pleasantly surprised in how easy it was to get all 70 kids hooked up to the presentation. They just typed in their email addresses and I clicked invite. All students were able to contribute. Sometimes it is easier to add information in the anonymity of the google presentation instead of the openness of the chart paper.

And the project continues until April. I will keep you posted.

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