Sunday, February 15, 2009

Welcome Back Sir Ken

Sir Ken Robinson is back on the web giving an awesome talk about his new book The Element. It is a wonderful 40 minute watch. Ewan does a much better job going into detail about his book but here are some of his quotes at the end of the presentation that were amazing.
"The problem with human beings is not that we aim to high and fail but that we aim to low and succeed."
"Finding your passion does change everything"
"Creativity is the process of not an event.... Not random acts of inspiration .....but a body of work."
"Back to basics view ... people default to what they think is common sense...most things that seem obvious end up being untrue..."
"Adults default to the education they had. It did not do me any harm...
"Ministers come and ministers go...we need to work with governments... but it is equally as important to work at the ground level... empower the teachers and workers.."
"..people are only transformed when they are engaged..."
"...nothing is inherently boring..."
"Getting back to basics requires great teachers. A great teacher knows how to engage their audience..."

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